Charter party disputes
Where the charter party is governed by English law and London Arbitration is provided for in the charter party.

Contract Advice
Acting for those who are involved with international trade either as Exporters or Importers. Minimizing the risk of problems arising and if disputes do arise ensuring that the client is in the strongest position to achieve a successful outcome.

Salvage and General Average cases
We can assist parties involved in salvage arbitrations including multiple interest cargo salvaged, the investigation of marine accidents/casualties, in the pursuit of unseaworthiness claims and in resisting claims for General Average contributions.

Risk Assessment
We can assist insurers or companies with their risk assessments. In particular, we look at applicable contract conditions ensuring that they are effectively drafted. We also consider the procedures by which such conditions are incorporated into contracts having regard to the specific business needs and objectives of the client.

Marine insurance disputes
Where the policy is subject to English law and practice either handling the dispute itself or advising on coverage issues.

Commercial Litigation
We can handle complex commercial disputes either in the UK or overseas, managing local lawyers from our network of correspondent lawyers.

We can commence and run arbitration, if necessary appointing an arbitrator in order to protect time and then running the arbitration, instructing counsel and/or experts as the need arises.

Shipbuilding/repair contracts
Many standard form contracts provide for English law and London Arbitration. Sea Max can advise both on contract formation and any disputes arising from such contracts.